FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses
FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses


Since its formation in 1979, some Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I register my foal without inspection?

As of 2011 you can register your foals without inspection. After the application and fee’s are paid, you will receive a registration packet containing a microchip and form for DNA and all the paperwork necessary to register your foal. All forms will be sent to Germany and you will receive a temporary registration form for your foal while you wait for your final registration and passport to arrive from Germany. You must contact the secretary for any forms needed.

Why does it take so long to get papers from Germany?

All paperwork to register your horses must go to Germany. Not only does it take a while for DNA information to come back, but Germany must submit your horses information to the FN so a passport can be issued. You will receive temporary registration papers until this process is complete. You will also receive score sheets at any inspection your horse attends. with full details and score sheet.

If I have an KFPS (FHANA) registered mare, can I breed to an Approved FPZV Stallion?

Yes you can. A lease form can be filled out by the owner even if you lease the mare to yourself, so your foal can be registered with the FPZV. And the registration of your KFPS mare does not need to be transferred from the KFPS.

Why are there so few inspections?

It is important that 10 horses are present at each Keuring site, so that the judges expenses can be covered. These sites are chosen in regional locations across the US, Canada and Mexico. Keuring sites are not always in the same location, as long as there are at least 10 horses a site can be established. You can ask to hold a kuering at your facilitie, contact us about what is required to hold a kuering.

What forms do I need for foal registration? What is the registration process?

To start, you will need the form called Foal Registration without Inspection. You will need to send in that form with any fees associated with that, a current membership form if you have not already done so, a copy of the foal's mother's registration papers and the stallion breeding report.

After your fees are paid and those forms are received, you will receive a packet in the mail that contains: A DNA microchip, a markings form, a markings questionnaire, a DNA sheet to include with hair samples, a self addressed stamped envelope to UC Davis and a complete instructions sheet. Your veterinarian will then complete the forms and follow the instructions. After receiving the paperwork, you will be issued your temporary registration papers. (FPZV) has spent most of its time promoting the breed and spreading the classic Friesian horses. FPZV operates as a state-approved breeding association of the "Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung" (FN). Besides that, FPZV is an open platform for all those whose hearts beat for the Friesian horses.

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